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We receive a number of letters every day, and a good part of them contain at least a couple of words that express the sender's attitude towards our products and service. We have decided to place some of the opinions below. You may find reading them helpful. We want to thank everyone who has found the time to write to us, because their kind words are VERY important to us!!
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About: Page Curl 1.2
From: Michael C. President (MGCA)
Congratulations on what, in my opinion, is the best page curl filter I have seen, anywhere!! It by far surpasses the one in Metacreations KPT, and any of the free filter factory ones I have seen to date! The option for an image on the back is very impressive, as are the rest of the options and precise! Congratulations again!
About: Page Curl 1.2
From: Robert L. W.
We tried several other page curl plugins and they didn't offer the versatility that yours did. It worked very well and was easy to learn...
About: Page Curl Light 1.2, Setup 1.0
From: Peter Follert
Pretty cool program, nicely designed, well-priced, and a pleasure to use. Here follow a few lines of commentary that illustrate my opinion in more depth:
I subscribe to the newsletter and visit that site almost daily in search of new and interesting shareware - something out-of-the-ordinary, something practical, something cost-effective, and something that is worth the space it consumes on my hard drive. AV Bros. Page Curl Light v1.2 meets, for me, all these criteria.
There are few graphic applications designed to achieve a page curl effect and none at the irresistable price of AV Bros. Page Curl Light 1.2. Kai's Power Tools is one plugin application for Photoshop compliant programs but its page curl feature is only one component of a far more expensive suite. The AV Bros. Page Curl Lite proves to be more versatile than Kai's Power Tools' page curl feature while being easier on your system's resources than KPT.
The most striking observation occurs during Page Curl's installation. The Installer's window is one of the most creative and interesting I have seen. I am impressed that the installed program's interface continues, in the same vein, to provide a visually appealing, useful, and full-featured graphic interface to its application. The curl adjustment tools are many and allow a great deal of flexibility as well as realtime previewing.
At the price, how can one refrain from registering? (bold-AV Bros. :-) )
The only caveat I might offer : I believe one should exercise restraint in applying page curls to one's graphics. Use it subtly, use it creatively, and use it rarely. The curl effect became very popular sometime ago and suffered overexposure to the extent that it has become cliche. In this light, Page Curl Light offers me outstanding value for the money as an effect I will use judiciously.
About: Page Curl 1.2, Setup 1.0
From:  Joe
...I just started testing but, so far, I think the product is excellent. Believe it or not, one of the coolest parts is the interface to install the software. I am a great admirer of good user interfaces and yours is one of the coolest I've ever seen. Thanks for your good work...
About: Page Curl 1.2
From:  Steve
...I've downloaded one, and it's has much more control over page curls than any other one I've seen.
About: Page Curl 1.2
From:  Tom
...It's one of the best photoshop plug-ins I've ever used. I can't stop playing around with it! The sheer variety of page curling effects you can make with it is tremendous.
About: Colorist 1.0, Setup 1.0
From:  Tex
Not only is it one of the coolest utilities I've fond in a long while, but the interface and installation rock!
About: Puzzle Pro 1.2
From: Laurie McCanna "Creating Great Web Graphics"
...First, let me say that you've got one of the nicest install screens I've seen on any software - my main work is designing the graphics for software UIs, and I was impressed. The puzzle plugin worked perfectly: I tested it on a Photoshop file I brought into LiveMotion , and the file has transparent areas...
About: Puzzle Pro 1.2
From: Gwendal Cobert
Now that's what I call an impressive product... looks like you have thought about every user's wishes ! smooth and fast install, nice interface, easy to understand, control on every thing, fast previews, the possibility to load and save presets, and finally the killer : being able to save each tile in a different layer...
About: Puzzle Pro 1.2
From: Jeffrey S. Gould
...I just wanted to tell you that your product was great, it achieved the effect I was trying to get. Great interface and tools to fine tune the puzzle pieces...
About: Puzzle Pro 1.2
From: Frank Hand Colm and Nóra Hand
I think your new plug-in is great and it's given me an idea for a new presentation of my children's photographs on our website. Children are always a puzzle, aren't they?
About: Puzzle Pro 1.2, Page Curl 1.2
From: Carole R. Black
I LOVE the page Curl and I know I will love this one (Puzzle)too. Your products are the best that I have seen and I hope there will be many more in the future!!!
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